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PT GlobalKartu Indonesia provides various types of card printers and bracelet printers at low prices and also good quality goods and the warranty we offer is not only that PT GlobalKartu Indonesia also offers maintenance on this printer product, we also serve for training in terms of printer usage. Please contact us to get answers to your questions or about the price problem you want to ask PT GlobalKartu Indonesia will provide the information you need
The printer is a printing tool, and at PT GlobalKartu Indonesia we sell several types of printers, one of which is the card printing printer, the use of this priter is to print data cards (in the form of text, photos, logos, etc.) on the surface of PVC cards. in one card priter print can produce 10 cards that are long and wide like a credit card or ATM card. Whereas the function of the Label Printer and Barcode Printer is in printing receipt or barcode labels and names on the patient's wristband.
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