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Cheap Hico Magnetic Access Control Card
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Key Card / Hotel Key Card is a card to access hotel lock or hotel keys, which is based on chip and magnetic. By using electronic hotel cards, present information on outgoing and incoming room tenants can be presented in detail and details by hotel staff and have the impression which is exclusive to visitors.General Specifications of Hotel Cards:
• Size: CR80 (86mm X 54mm)
• Thickness: 0.76mm
• Material: PVC
• Design: Full Color Dual Sided
• Print Process: Digital Printing / Screen Printing / Offset
• Optional: Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, Embossing, Signature Panels, Hot Print, Holograms, UV Security and others
• Price: Call depending on quantity
Standard Hotel Card production:
• The size and thickness of an ATM card standard card
• Solid and stable color quality between one card and another
• The card surface is clean (no dirt is attached and no scratches)
• Card work with OFFSET print system (Heidelberg-German offset printing machine)

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