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Cheap 125Khz Proximity RFID card
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Proximity Access Control CardProximity Card or Prox Card is a name commonly used for contactless cards that are used for security access systems or payment systems.
Frequency that is commonly used on cards and reading devices (card reader) is 125 kHz or the newer generation works at a frequency of 13.56 MHz.
Proximity Card is also known as RFID contactless smartcard. The standardization of this card is generally ISO / IEC 14443 (card read distance) and ISO / IEC 15693.
Generally the reading distance ranges from 0 to 3 inches so that it is possible to put it in a bag or wallet.
Currently the proximity card can be obtained at affordable prices, namely general prices ranging from USD 1 USD 3 so that it is widely used in applications for identification, access control, payment, transportation, and others.
Card components consist of a range of ICs, capacitors and coils that are connected in parallel.

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