Kartu Tanda Pengenal ID CARD

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Last Updated
07 Jun 2024
Country Origin
Minimum Order
10 pcs
PVC Card
Print ID Cards using several print system techniques, namely Offset, Digital Print, and Screen Printing. Our ID Card Printing also uses a lamination system Press Oven instead of Laminating, so that the quality of the Print ID Card such as an ATM Card that cannot fade, peel and break even in any weather or conditions.
Some ID Card Printing Techniques:
• Offset printing
• Digital Print Print
• Print screen printing
• Laminate Press Using Press Oven instead of Laminating
Advantages of ID Card Printing:
• Cannot Fade
• Can not be peeled off
• Can't Be Broken
• The card can be printed again using the ID Card Printer / Card Printer
So from that We receive several card printing services, namely Member Card, Patient Card, Student Card, Student Card, Insurance Card, ATM Card, Warranty Card, Member Card, etc.
And we also make sure that the print price in our place is the CHEAPEST and the BEST QUALITY compared to other places in Indonesia. Our production capacity can reach 40,000 pcs / day or 500,000 pcs / month even more with a special project.
Print ID Cards in our places we do not use a minimum order. Whatever number of id cards you want to print we can do. Of course the printing of ID cards in our place is getting more quantity, the price will be cheaper. Next, we give an overview of the print price of id cards (without data) based on print quantity
Why do you have to choose to print the ID card in our place?
• Don't have a design? : We are ready to help to design your id card for FREE
• Our Data Save well: If you want to reprint the ID card, you don't need to worry about missing data, we can even give you a master design if asked. We also guarantee the confidentiality of data from clients, customers, employees, students and others will not leak or spread to any party.
• Timeliness: We are committed to sending orders to all customers on time
• Competitive Prices: We are committed to providing the CHEAPEST prices and BEST QUALITY. And according to our motto that "Regardless of Prices in Other Places, Directly We Cut Prices Under It" can be proven ... !!!
• Delivery throughout Indonesia: We are very experienced in sending orders to all regions in Indonesia in a timely manner and the condition of the goods is well received until the destination.
• Diverse ID Card Products: In our place there is a complete range of all ID card printing needs such as patient cards, member cards, student cards, parking cards, warranty cards and others. Also equipped with security printing features, namely: barcode, magnetic, signature panels, emboss, mifare & RFID, Invisible Printing, Microtext, Hologram, Security Seal and others
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