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29 Feb 2024
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PVC Card
Student / Student Card is the identity of students at a school or university. Generally Student / Student Cards have many functions, for example for attendance, accessing libraries, and Discount Cards in certain stores.
For Student Cards or Student Cards or Id Cards, generally the printed data is photo, student name, NIM (Student Registration Number). For NIM, this is usually generated as a barcode to simplify and speed up the data verification process when students use this card (for library access, payment, etc.).
Student cards with higher codes can use Magnetic Stripe for student data. The cost of printing using magnetic cards is more expensive than using a barcode system. And magnetic cards usually break faster than cards that use barcodes, because the magnetic card reader process is swiped into the reader (the card is in contact with the reader), while the reader reads enough to be scanned from a remote barcode.
Student Card, for student / university data printed by the school / university by using a Printer IDCard. Printer IDCard commonly used using Nisca PRC101, Fargo DTC4500, Datacard SD260. You can choose the type of printer according to your existing budget. So the school / university only wants a preprinted pvc card (can be full color one side or two sides), and the photo data, name, barcode etc. are printed using a Printer IDCard. This solution is much cheaper compared to all if it has to be printed using a Printer IDCard. Because the current ribbon color price is still quite expensive.
General Specifications of Student Cards:
• Size: CR80 (86mm X 54mm)
• Thickness: 0.76mm
• Material: PVC
• Design: Full Color Dual Sided
• Print Process: Digital Printing / Screen Printing / Offset
• Optional: Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, Embossing, Signature Panels, Hot Print, Holograms, UV Security and others
• Price: Call depending on quantity
Standard production of Student Cards:
• The size and thickness of an ATM card standard card
• Solid and stable color quality between one card and another
• The card surface is clean (no dirt is attached and no scratches)
• Card work with OFFSET print system (Heidelberg-German offset printing machine)
For this reason, we also provide a total solution for the school / university to entrust us to print the Student Card. We are a company that makes, designs, prints Student Cards for all University needs with offset printing, screen printing and digital printing systems



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